Who we are

European School of Theology and Research Institutes

• Faithful to Biblical Truth

• Cooperating with the Evangelical Alliance

• Classically Evangelical and Reformed

Solid Training for the Kingdom of God

  • Alternative theological education
  • Study while serving a church or working another job
  • Enables students to remain in their own churches and communities
  • Encourages independent thinking
  • Learning from the growth of the universal church


  • For the basic level: 180 Bologna-Credits
  • For the advanced level: 120 additional credits
  • Both old and new teaching methods: All day seminars, independent study, tutorials, mentoring, term papers, etc.
  • Our courses are accepted by various foreign educational institutions, such as the Whitefield Theological Seminary (WTS, USA) or the Baptist Theological College of Southern Africa, for granting bachelor’s and master’s degrees, which they issue on their authority. We also have partnerships for doctoral studies.

Our Orientation

  • Complete trust in the reliability of the Bible
  • Building on reformation theology and ethics
  • Based on the confession of the German Evangelical Alliance
  • Open for innovations in the Kingdom of God

Our Emphasis

    • The Bible
    • Ethics and basic theology
    • Missions
    • The Church

      Our Style

        • Innovative
        • Relevant to society
        • International
        • Research oriented
        • Interdisciplinary

          Our Structure

            • 13 study centers in 6 countries with local partners
            • 7 research programs and institutes
            • President: Prof. Dr. Dr. Thomas Schirrmacher, Bonn
            • Vice President for Research: Prof. Dr. Thomas K. Johnson, Prague
            • Deans: Thomas Kinker, Th.D. (USA); Titus Vogt, lic. theol.

              Missions through Research

                • International Institute for Religious Freedom (Partner: World Evangelical Alliance)
                • Study program with a major in Islam, together with the Institute for Islamic Studies (German Evangelical Alliance)
                • Institute for Life and Family Studies
                • Institute for Crisis, Dying, and Grief Counseling
                • Institute for Pastoral Care
                • Theologians Network, Hope for Europe
                • Institute for World Missions

                  Our Desires

                    • To offer quality theological education in areas where there is not yet a developed evangelical infrastructure
                    • To reduce the migration of future workers for the Kingdom of God to parts of the world where there are already evangelical schools and institutions
                    • These desires motivate our efforts in Turkey, Austria, eastern Germany, and south Moravia.