What Difference Does the Trinity Make?


Thomas K. Johnson. What Difference Does the Trinity Make?A Complete Faith, Life, and Worldview The WEA Global Issues Series. Vol. 7. Culture and Science Publishing: Bonn, 2009, 80 pp., ISBN 978-3-938116-78-4

"As a young man, Tom Johnson found himself to be a member of a small church that was rapidly becoming an authoritarian, legalistic, irrational cult. After observing the destructive results of this pseudo-church in the lives of its members, Johnson and some other students began a biblical critique of the movement which led to its disintegration and collapse. Some former members rejected the Christian faith because of what they had experienced. Johnson began an anxious quest for an alternate model or paradigm on what the Christian faith and life are, because he felt that continuing to be a practicing Christian might be possible with a better overall perspective on what Christians should believe and how they should live. This book contains some of the fruit of his anxious quest, a renewed Trinitarian faith and worldview."