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Seblewengel Daniel Named WEA Women’s Commission Director

(Bonn, 04.09.2023) The World Evangelical Alliance (WEA) is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Seblewengel (Seble) Daniel as the new Director of the WEA Women’s Commission. She succeeds Amanda Jackson, who led the Women’s Commission for eight years.

Photo: Dr. Seblewengel Daniel with her family © privateIn announcing the appointment, WEA Secretary General Bishop Dr. Thomas Schirrmacher commented, “More than half of our evangelical constituency is female. The success of our movement depends heavily on the effective engagement of women at all levels, from the local church to global ministries. This is especially true in the Global South. I am happy and proud that our Women’s Commission, which has representation from all regions of the world, now also has, in Dr. Seble Daniel, a strong and experienced leader from the Global South with demonstrated success in both academic roles and practical ministry.”

Deputy Secretary General Peirong Lin added, “Seble is a very qualified leader, with a brilliant mind and gentle spirit. She is widely known as a voice on women’s issues, but also very willing to collaborate. Seble deeply understands the problems women face today and wants to bring the church together to address those issues.” Daniel stated that she has “always been passionate about serving girls and women and I am so grateful to God for the opportunity to join WEA’s Women’s Commission, which provides a platform for evangelical women across the globe to have life-changing conversations.”

She described her vision as incoming director in this way: “It is my earnest desire to facilitate the continuation of authentic contextual engagements on theological issues and positions so that daughters of God may stand firm with their brothers in Christ, as witnesses of God in this broken world. I join my sisters in celebrating empowering and liberating structures in churches and addressing the less inclusive ones for the sake of the Spirit who gives gifts to women and men as He determines.”

Outgoing director Jackson observed, “It is very encouraging to see Seble Daniel from Ethiopia appointed as the new director—a woman from the continent where the church is growing the most and where young women are serving and leading in every sphere. I am sure Seble’s ideas and experience will take the Women’s Commission forward in healthy ways.”

Reflecting on her eight years as director, Jackson commented, “Women are the backbone of the global church and increasingly their role, gifting and leadership are being recognized. I have seen how men and women together can reach the world for Christ, but barriers remain and we all need to support our sisters in Christ.”

About Dr. Seblewengel Daniel

Photo: Dr. Seblewengel Daniel © privateDr. Seble Daniel is an Ethiopian theologian and a member of the Ethiopian Kale Heywet Church. Her parents modeled Christlikeness and active participation in the church throughout her upbringing. Seble served for two decades as a full-time faculty member and held various leadership positions at the Evangelical Theological College and Ethiopian Graduate School of Theology (EGST). She also held the position of chair of women in her denomination. She is passionate about contextual theology and women’s empowerment and has been involved in various initiatives aimed at eradicating traditional practices that are harmful to women.

Seble currently serves with SIM as the Director for its East African Sending Office while remaining a part-time faculty member at EGST. Moreover, she is a member of several leadership teams including Langham International, INFEMIT, and the Circle of Concerned African Women Theologians. Seble and her husband Tamiru have three children (Sebhat, Leul and Bamlak) and live in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

About WEA Women’s Commission

The Women’s Commission is a network of the World Evangelical Alliance and has links to over 500 million women across the globe. The goal of this global network is to equip Christian women in every sphere of life—church, community, family, and business—to contribute effectively to God’s purposes and plans. This is a gathering place for women to discuss issues specific to women at the church.

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